Mike Wynne


Mike has 30+ years in the mining and diamond drilling industry. Experienced in shaft sinking. Was hoist operator for 5 years at Lupin Gold Mine for Echo Bay. Continuing on with his mining experience. He worked as a hoist operator and other various jobs such as mill operations, essential underground production mining and diamond drill supervisor. He currently has been at Red Lake Gold Mine for 6 years as a PDS Driller and blaster. Some companies Harmony Gold, Klondex Mining, Ray Gold, Wynne Drilling Ltd, San Gold Corp, and Boart Longyear.

Jordan Wynne


Jordan has 10+ years in diamond drilling and mining. Following in the foot steps of his father he started on the drills young and experienced the harsh arctic climate in Northern Nunavut to the mountains in the Yukon and BC. Most experience comes from diamond drilling but also has worked for years underground. Doing mining operations such as tramming, mucking, and also PDS drilling and blasting. Some companies Wynne Drilling Ltd, San Gold Corp, Klondex Mines, Vanguard Mining Corp, New Age Drilling, Geotech Drilling, Boart Longyear.


Kayla is very essential to running our operations as she manages the majority of daily, monthly and annual tasks. Her background is 4 years in marketing and sales. Then moved into the banking sector and was a branch account executive and business development executive for 2 years at Citi Financial and now is a lending specialist at Fairstone.

Jaden Abella


We are a company that is looking to develop new technology used in mining and drilling. There are lots of other competitors in this industry and everyone is trying to find the next new “thing”. After years of working on the drills and underground. We see first hand the issues the front line workers have. So our mission is to make those jobs easy, safe and cost effective. We’re excited to share and release our projects to you. To stay up to date follow us on